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A Virtuous Circle of Giving

Purpose Driven Artists is powered by a sustainable eco-system of giving.
Here's how it works:

When you pay a monthly fee of $39.70, your subscription will 

feed 30 hungry children an organic, non-GMO meal

for less than any other organization.

$2.00 of that fee goes toward the arts community by purchasing art and enabling performance artists to share their craft

through performances we host.


Our subscribers will receive the art we buy, attend exclusive performances, and enjoy additional perks through our arts partners.


PDA is a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition that will impact the physical and emotional well-being of millions of people around the world.

$2* of every

subscription goes to the arts community

Subscribers provide

30 meals every month for $39.70

PDA gives the art

back to our subscribers


*PDA keeps $4 each month from every subscription.

$1.25 to support operations, $.075 to our investors and $2.00 to support the artist community

Innovation for the future

  • A sustainable eco-system of giving

  • Supporting multiple communities for good

  • Exploring new creativity with NFTs

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